How to Get on the Popular Page

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Want to end up on the top-chart of known as the Popular page? Use these tips to improve your page and impress your viewers!

High Definition

Use a good, clear image of yourself. While illustrated, landscape, and other creative backgrounds often make it to Popular, a photo of you is the best bet to maximize your chances.

We recommend an image that’s 1680 x 1050 pixels at 72 DPI. Most large high-resolution images will look great, but make sure it’s no larger than 5mb. After you’ve uploaded your image,  try selecting the ‘Fill Window’ setting. This will make sure you page looks great on both small screens like a tablet or massive massive, batcave-sized monitors.

One final piece: don’t let your biography box cover your face! If needed you can reduce the size of your name and headline text. This will slim your entire biography box, allowing text to fit…

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