Juntaro Doi, refer a friend and good things happen…like in-store credit.*

Juntaro Doi, refer a friend and good things happen…like in-store credit.*

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Thanks for signing up! Refer a friend and earn credit*
You made a great choice when you selected GoDaddy. Now let us help your friends, family and business associates. When they make a purchase using your referral code WOWLoveHoS, they get a special discount, and — if they’re new to GoDaddy — you get In-Store Credit*. Refer just a few new customers and you’ll earn enough credit to pay for a new domain or a couple months of hosting.

Tips to get started:

      1. Use the

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    tools in My Account to let friends know you recommend GoDaddy.

    2. When referring, be specific about why you recommend GoDaddy — is it the service, the prices or something else?

    3. Tell your friends how you use GoDaddy, and how they could use our products.

    4. Think beyond your circle of friends —tell the manager at your favorite restaurant, your neighbor with the construction business, anyone… tell them how GoDaddy can help get their business online, fast and easy.

    5. Make sure they know the special discount only applies when they use your referral code — and let them know you receive an In-Store Credit as a Thank You.

    6. Your code is meant to be shared with your personal network. Do us both a favor and avoid posting it on deal sites and forums so you don’t risk your enrollment in the program.

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