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Linux VPS ホスティング敏捷性とオープン ソースの Linux オペレーティング システムに裏打ちされた雲の拡張性と仮想プライベートサーバのシンプルさを提供しています。Linux VPS クラウド サーバーをされいくつかの簡単だけで実行をクリックする、あなたの会社の成長と拡張することができます、他どこでも比類のない価値を提供するために価格です。

Linux VPS Packages start at just $15/month for a full-featured hosting. Linux VPS Hosting provides all the benefits of the open source operating system platform.

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We Are A 17-year Old Startup

Standard VPS vs. Cloud VPS Hosting

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Linux VPS Hosting Packages

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And as always, there is a money-back guarantee – yes, even for the dollar!

What Is VPS Hosting?

 A Linux Cloud VPS Server runs on a collection of  linked redundant hardware, and allows the server to easily scale up or down, even move seamlessly between hardware without affecting operation or performance.

Cloud VPS Hosting – Beyond Standard VPS

While VPS means a server is virtualized, it does not imply the server is resilient (highly available), a key distinction of a true cloud server.

The fact that a server is VPS does not automatically make the server highly available (resilient), which is characteristic of a true cloud server. Although virtualized, it remains that standard VPS servers only run on a single server, making them vulnurable to hardware failures. The Linux Cloud VPS Server runs on a collection of redundant hardware that is linked together to provide a pool of resources. From there, a VPS operates on top of the cloud solution – allowing for the servers to easily scale up and down, and even avoid operation and performance disruption by moving between physical hardware devices.

True Cloud VPS Hosting

All our VPS Cloud Servers are completely redundant. When we say cloud, we’re not referring to virtualized servers on a single machine. We are talking about redundant hardware linked together, with the VPS on top.

Each VPS Server is able to detect outages as they happen and react by reallocating resources. Our servers are built with auto-healing technology. This truly defines a cloud server, and it’s what we provide every client – no exceptions.

Linux VPS Hosting Proves Itself

Windows VPS Cloud Hosting

No limits with OS optionsComplete control

It’s just plain easy!

We are a 17-year Startup

Always-available support

Choose the right Linux OS, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. A few simple clicks and you’re ready to go. Learn More.

You get direct full root access to your cloud VPS and full control over the system.

We bundle the resources into packages to make billing easy, consistent, and affordable. Learn More. is a new brand derived from the creators of OrcsWeb. Learn More.

Have questions? Email us at or call us at 1-855-533-5400.

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